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This year we launched a new program that makes it simple and easy to give to those in need. Available for purchase on line and at the store, the $2.25 Save on Meats Meal Tokens can be redeemed for a nutritious hot Breakfast Sandwich at the Sandwich Window 7am–4pm or in the Diner 7am–10pm.

People can choose to distribute them directly, or purchase the tokens and have Save on Meats give them to one of its dozens of community partners to share amongst their organization. The program acts as a bridge between people who want to give and people who need the support.

Sock Token: Deteriorating health conditions to those who reside in the DTES is a major concern of Save On Meats, as a form of harm reduction SOM is launching a sock token program. Providing warmth and comfort as well as helping protect residents from injuries and infections that can typically result from lack of appropriate footwear. (Launching Fall 2014).

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More about the Token Program

SaveOnMeats Token Program from Selim Mete on Vimeo.

By buying into the program, supporters become part of a larger social enterprise that supports Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. From facilitating  over 450 meals each day to single occupancy residents in the community, to hiring barrier employees and executing food donations, the Save on Meats mandate is to collaborate with community partners and programs to create a sustainable business model that serves the Downtown Eastside.

“This token program has been a long time coming. It isn’t just about being able to provide someone with a nourishing meal, but also the engagement into your community and the power of real human interaction,” says Mark Brand, owner of Save on Meats. “This is our city and we want to make it better every day with unconventional solutions.”

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