Save On Meats houses our classic diner, full service butcher, catering department, and a community commissary kitchen. It’s a lively, socially motivated venue, representative of the neighborhood and city we love.

SOM is considered a social enterprise and is well known in the North American business community for its cutting-edge employment models and focus on local food security. We work with many community groups, educational institutions, non-profits and corporations to continuously improve and build on our best practices. We keep our prices affordable for the community, and we focus on training to build a stronger local workforce.

Our award winning Token Program is always a hot topic of conversation. Redeemable for a breakfast sandwich either at the front take-out window or inside the diner, tokens are purchased for $2.25 and handed out to those in need. The act of giving a token to someone is meant to be a conversation-starter, a front-line personal interaction with our neighbours in Vancouver.

Our Mission


Save On Meats has been a pillar of delicious food security since 1957 serving fresh ground burgers, hand spun shakes, classic salads and everything you could want from a neighbourhood butcher.

We work hard to establish meaningful community through food, training and engagement and want to end the disconnect in our neighbourhood establishing a blueprint for other neighbourhoods we love globally.

Save On Meats is Canada’s first certified B Corporation Diner and Butcher. We take our mandates so seriously they’re written in our corporate charter.

Our History


The SOM building was built in 1891, making it 122 years old in 2013. The original butcher shop was opened in 1957. The original owner Al Deslauriers operated SOM from this time until it closed in 2009. While Al is not a part of the new SOM, we take the same pride in serving this neighbourhood, which he did.

The diner is new, but the original SOM Butcher Shop featured a sandwich shop at the back, which was also known for its great burger. Timothy Taylor features the original Save On Meats in the 2001 Vancouver novel Stanley Park.


Our Neon Sign

In 1957 the neon pig sign was just one of perhaps hundreds that lit up Hastings Street, then Vancouver’s main shopping and entertainment district. In fact it’s estimated that at one point Vancouver had 19,000 neon signs second only to Las Vegas. Now Save on Meats landmark sign is one of the few original survivors of Vancouver’s anti-neon sign laws that popped up from the 1970’s onwards. The colours have been exactingly matched so that the sign you see today is the same as the one that graced the building in 1957.

Our Team


Our team is made up of a diverse group of passionate people who work for a greater social good. If this sounds like you please apply in person and talk to one of our management. We’re always growing!


Save On started its re-birth with a reality show Gastown Gamble on the Oprah Network and has been featured on dozens of national and international programs including the first Canadian destination of “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and Arlene Dickinson’s, The Big Decision. Hundreds of articles have covered our social mandates, new way of doing business and of course, our delicious award winning food!