Save On Meats makes the majority of its products in-house. We have so much fun coming up with new sausages, pies, pickles, rubs and baked goods to name a few, that we wanted to share the experience with you! Our chefs will take you through the process from scratch to end product and we can tailor classes for any type of event or group. Please email us for group specials and rates.

**Note: classes will only run if there are a minimum of 5 participants registered.

Find out more: classes@saveonmeats.ca

Poultry Butchery

with stock, soups & sauces

The poultry butchery class will take people through the whole process from buying a whole bird to processing it and utilizing every part of the animal and processing the carcass into a delicious and nutritious stock. The soup stock will serve as a base and students will learn how that stock can be a base for a variety of soups and sauces with demonstration and tasting. In addition to butchering skills, participants will leave with two chicken breasts, two boneless chicken thighs and a litre of fresh chicken stock.

$100 for 2 hours register

Sausage Making

with regional sausage tasting

Come learn with our talented Irish Butcher, Colin, as he takes you through the process of making sausages. He’ll even show you how to easily tie them into the perfect link!

You’ll get the chance to taste each of the delicious sausages being prepared, discuss prep-choices and be introduced to excellent sausage recipes. Colin will go over smoking processes and let you know where you can source products to make these sausages in your own kitchen.

At the end of the class, delight in taking home the 2.5lbs of the sausages you made. Swap with other students to get a selection of all the sausages offered at Save on Meats and see what you might try next! Either way, you’ll be sure to bring home a tasty addition for your next meal!

$135 for 2 hours register

Canning & Preserving

Canning & Preserving

During the canning and preserving classes, students learn essential techniques for home water bath canning sterilization, pH balanced recipes and processing. Two seasonal recipes will be taught in class, each with a unique twist and flavour combination. Students leave with jars of their own creation. There will be a sampling of preserves with information about their production throughout the course.

$125 for 2 hours register

Bacon Makin (and more!) 101

This class is designed to introduce students into the world of Charcuterie that will embrace the process of curing, drying and aging a variety of meats as well as cure, smoke, and age bacon; and roll/ tie pancetta. Throughout the class students will be treated to a variety of charcuterie and of course, bacon! Each student will take home their very own side of smoked bacon.

$145 for 2 hours register