The following is a description of only a number of SOM partnerships and just a few examples of how we help.Take a look at our most recent Social Report.


Atira is a non-profit organization whose goal is to end violence against women by providing various avenues of assistance including: direction service and education. Atira provides housing, advocacy and support to any individual who identifies, full time, as a woman. Several of Atira’s buildings are in SOM neighbourhood and provide housing to many of the community’s residents.

How we help: Save On Meats facilitates the making 480 meals a day, 365 days a year, for those living in Atira’s buildings. That’s 1400 pounds of nutritious food per week!

SOM also helps facilitate a bi-weekly cooking class for Atira, offered in local supported living home, Sorella House. This class helps women to gain independence and life skills by being taught new recipes and learning how to utilize resources they have at their disposal. This class intends not only to teach basic life skills, but also to act as a healing spacing, giving women an opportunity to benefit from the socialization that comes with learning, cooking, and eating together.


PLEA offers programs for children, youth, and adults who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. PLEA provides outreach in a number of areas, including: housing, counseling services, sexual exploitation, and academic or employments support.

PLEA’s Generation Out drop-in groups are for youth who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered, two-spirited and questioning. Meetings are held once a week in Maple Ridge, Coquitlam (servicing the tri-cities) and Vancouver.

How we help: SOM hosted a fundraiser in the Diner to help PLEA achieve their goal of a float in this year’s Pride Parade. Excess funds raised have been dedicated to drop-in groups in Maple Ridge and Coquitlam, where due to their geographic location are less likely to attend the parade. SOM also works to employee youth from PLEA’s programs and to help them build a resume while gaining work experience.

Vancouver Community College

Vancouver Community College students come to SOM to do work experience in the commissary kitchen, honing their culinary skills with hands on work experience.

Christmas in January is a program run by VCC dedicated to feeding and giving hope to those less fortunate in January, a time when charitable giving often goes by the wayside after the Holiday season, and which Mark Brand is an enthusiastic part of.

How we help: SOM provides work experience to VCC students, and offering them the chance to get that experience while giving back to community, through means of our meal program.

The Rainier Hotel

The Rainer Hotel previously operated as a treatment center providing 40 women in the DTES access to treatment, due to recent funding loss Rainer can no longer offer many of the services that were previously available for these women and is now operating as a hotel only. This has had a detrimental affect on the food security for these women.

How we help: SOM is proud to feature Rainer Hotel as one of the monthly donation options for the Sandwich Token program and are currently working with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank with the establishment of a Community Kitchen project within Rainer.

Aprons for Gloves

Aprons for Gloves is a not for profit organization designed to raise money to support for a Boxing program that aims to increase the resiliency of low-income youth, by giving them the opportunity to participate in the sport of amateur boxing.

How we help: Save On Meats has been acting as a Training Co-sponsor by donating our 4th floor meat lockers as a temporary training gym. Think Rocky, but without all the cold and more food safe!

Developmental Disabilities Association

The Developmental Disabilities Association is a community living agency that provides over 50 community-based programs and services to children, adults and families with developmental disabilities in Vancouver and Richmond.

How we help: SOM works to provide employment, work experience, and resume building to those with developmental disabilities. This year we were awarded Employer of The Year which we graciously accepted as we are consistently humbled by the work this organization does for their clients.

Pigeon Park Street Market

The street Vendors of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside make up the majority of the operators of the Pigeon Park Street Market. The market started as a resistance and occupied action against harassment by officials. The market now receives a small grant and a valid permit. The market generates $10,000 worth of transactions each Sunday, putting well over $1,000,000 directly into the pockets of the residents of the poorest postal code in Canada.

How we help: SOM funds an Intercultural Arts Tent every Sunday in the Pigeon Park Street Market

H.A.V.E. Cafe

H.A.V.E. Cafe (Hope. Action. Values. Ethics.) The HAVE Culinary Training Society is a culinary training school that provides foodservice job training and work opportunities to individuals in Vancouver who experience barriers to employment. H.A.V.E.’s students are individuals facing mental and physical disabilities, poverty, addiction and homelessness. H.A.V.E. has trained and graduated over 500 individuals, 80% of these individuals have gained stable employment following their graduation.

How we help: SOM is happy to partner with H.A.V.E. to offer employment and work experience to those who have recently graduated from the training program.