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43 West Hastings Street
Vancouver BC
V6B 1G4 Canada


BUTCHER SHOP: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm Sunday 10am-6pm

ALL DAY DINER: Mon – Wed 7am – 10pm / Thurs- Sat 7am-12am **new extended late night hours / Sun 8am-10pm

SANDWICH COUNTER: Mon – Fri 8am – 3pm/ Sat-Sun 10am-5pm

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Save On Meats to Re-open Feb 14th 2014 

Note From Mark Brand CEO

After long months, multiple uncertainties and ultimately huge wins, it’s with great pleasure that I can share the re-open of Save On Meats.

The 43 West Hastings street location and our company have been the source of fantastical rumor and speculation in the last year but the truth is, we’re here to stay.

During that time we’ve solidified a long-term project with Vancouver Community College and the City Of Vancouver that will see hundreds of people trained and incubated (more on that later) and have worked diligently with our landlord to lock our partnership that is currently solid until 2034.
On Valentines day we will open our doors for breakfast and outside of any natural disaster, plan to never close again. Ever.

Our token program will continue to service the neighbourhood we all love with your help (over 18k redeemed so far) and we are expanding our meal program with our partners to reach 1200 a day by next quarter (438,000 a year).

These meals service folks who reside in SRO hotels (single room occupancies) and are transitioning back from multiple challenges. We’re proud to say, after years of work, these meals are a certified nutritional program providing far more than just sustenance to the recipients of the program.
Save On in partnership with our foundation ( A Better Life) will continue blending social initiatives with regular business and work with our dozens of partners (who sit firmly on either side of that fence) to make our city, and ultimately our world, a better, healthier and more integrated place to live.
I’d also like to take this time to say a huge thank you for your continued support and straight up love during these last years.

Without it I’m certain 43 West Hastings would have closed for good.For that, myself and my staff can’t express our gratitude sufficiently but will attempt to do so each and every time you walk in our doors.

As always there’s much more to talk about and see, including a brand new 40+ local artist install in the diner,  so please reach out and let’s make this reopen the best Valentines to date. I’ll bring the coffee and chocolates.
With love and respect,

Mark Brand